Thursday, March 26, 2009

1907 Afternoon Gown - Part 1

So now that my Supernova stuff is complete, I am working on my next project. This one is for a book launch at Miegunyah House. Our aim is to portray a range of historical costumes from about the 1850s onwards. I have chosen to tackle early Edwardian and will be making an afternoon dress from 1907. So far, I have scaled up my pattern (from tiny drawings in a book) and I have the mock up cut out. I managed to sew together the petticoat mock up yesterday and I am happy with the pattern. So come this weekend, I will be making two Edwardian petticoats. Thankfully they are pretty simple to go together and all they involve are some seams, a waistband and a large flounce at about knee level. I am also hoping to get the blouse and dress mocked up, and then if they work properly, start making them up. I am rather excited about making this one up, I just need to get stuck into it. My deadline is 18th April. Thankfully between now and then we have Easter long weekend (and I am hoping to get some extra days off as well). It should all come together on time *cross fingers*.

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