Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Supanova 4 - Padme

Well, my supanova costumes are almost done. I just need to paint up my Padme Hairpieces. I made them up out of sculpy on the weekend, and they are just waiting to be finished. I would have had them done last night, but my cupcake commission took up my evening. As for the rest of the costume, we have pictures. I am really pleased with how the blouse turned out. I ended up using two layers for fabric to create the sleeves; on their own, the two layers are too thin and the colours wrong, but together I actually got something that works rather well. I am pleased with the vest this time too; which I basically just pulled it apart. I removed all the fusing and lining and turned it into a stretch vest which fits tightly over my corset. And then the embroidered / beaded panel (my poor pin pricked hands) get pinned in place.

On another note, I am going to swap my order of costumes. I was planning to wear my shinku costume on Friday night and my Mrs Lovett on Saturday, but now I am thinking that it might be more comfortable to swap them. And it will give me a bit more time to get into my Mrs Lovett costume. Not too mention that I can have my hair curling all day in readiness; after all I do have to be at work that day. And with supernova less than 2 weeks away I am glad I am ready and not going to be working my butt off this weekend trying to get it all finished. Instead I am making a start on my next project...

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