Sunday, March 4, 2018

Disneybound February

February is done and with it, my second month of Disneybounding. This time, I decided on one of my favourite Disney movies - Wreck it Ralph. 

First up - Vanellope. 

I whipped up a new pencil skirt for this Disneybound out of some stretch cotton that I had in my fabric stash. It was as simple as pairing with a light green shirt and black heels. I finished it off with some candy hearts brooches and a velvet ribbon for my ponytail. 

Second - Ralph 


This was my excuse to finally make some wide leg trousers from a vintage pattern. Hemming was a pain as there was so much fabric, but it was worth it in the end. I also made a tartan blouse of of some left-over linen in my stash (from one of my Bustle gowns). I also added a light green singlet underneath to help give the look. I think this has got to be one of my most successful Disneybounds so far. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

12 Months of Disneybounding

It may seem like I have had a slow start to the year, but I have been sewing like a crazy person the last couple of months. It’s funny, over the last couple of years, I really haven’t made a whole lot of new costumes or clothing. And when I think about it, I suspect it’s because I burnt myself out. But in 2018, I feel like I am finally getting back on track. I do have a new costume in the works, which I will post about soon, but the main thing I have been working on lately is filling my wardrobe with work and casual clothing – all made from stash.

And one of the ways that I am spurring myself to do this is by taking on a challenge. One of my good friends the lovely ainead, challenged me to 12 months of Disneybounding. If you’re not in the know, disneybounding is where you dress in normal clothing but it is inspired in design and colouring by a Disney character. And I don’t know if I am crazy, but I have accepted the challenge.

So, how does the challenge work? Well, each month I pick a Disney movie and I dress as characters inspired by that movie. Some months I might only Disneybound once, and in other months it might be four times. And I’ve been posting outfit shots on my Instagram each time I wear something, making sure to use the hashtag #12monthsdisneybound. Keep in mind that I am wearing this stuff to work, so it does have to be somewhat office appropriate.

So I’ll start off with January. I chose Alice in Wonderland for my first Disney Movie.

First up was Alice herself.

I made a new dress out of some Alice in Wonderland print fabric that I bought on my 2013 trip to Japan (yay for using stash). And then I paired it with some black vintage shoes, an Alice headband leftover from my Lolita days (Innocent World) and some Alice themed jewellery. I topped it off with some Alice perfume oil from Black Pheonix Alchemy Labs (BPAL).

Then came the Cheshire Cat.

This one I managed to put together completely from my closet – pencil skirt and a purple review cardigan (which I have never worn like this). I then added my QPOT Cheshire Cat necklace (that was a Christmas Gift) and again topped it off with some heels and the Cheshire Cat perfume from BPAL.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 recap

Wow. I rather dropped off the face of the costuming world in 2017. I was planning to take a bit of break for the year but somehow managed to barely make anything new, which is rather a disappointment. 

But in other respects it has been an eventful year - I was made permanent at work, I took a trip to Japan with my best friend and I moved out of home for the first time. Amongst all this, I've been working on getting my new sewing room all set up and ready to get cracking on sewing again in 2018.

Amidst this, I will definitely work on keeping my blog up to date as well. So watch this space, I hope to be back into the swing of things in under a month!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Suffragettes at History Alive

Once again, June brought to us that annual Re-enactment event at the historic Fort Lytton in Brisbane, History Alive. For those who don’t know, History Alive is a timeline event run by the re-enactment community in Queensland. We all collaborate to put on period displays and encampments for the public for one weekend each year. This year, unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worse and we were rained out on Sunday and sent home amidst the bursts of showers. There was three inches of water pooling through the eating area, the fields had turned to slush and the entry roads became slippery mud puddles.
But despite the wet turn of the weekend, Saturday was a beautiful sunshiny warm day. I was re-enacting with my group RIFF (Re-Enacting Independently For Fun). I started out the morning with three of my fellow members dressed as Queensland Suffragettes from the 1890s. We greeted the public at the gates, asking them to join the cause before proceeding to march the grounds with the call “Votes For Women”.  (PS: I'm the blonde one below)

By midday, we had switched back 100 years to the regency period and joined the remaining members of our group for a picnic lunch and games. 

I had a wonderful weekend, event though we were only able to participate for the one day, but there will always be other opportunities to get the kit out and spend time in our costumes. I thankfully was able to re-wear my costumes this time, but there were a couple things that I did have to make in the lead up - two regency petticoats (as I tore my old one last year), one tablecloth (it always gets dirty on the first day), 1890s blouse (the one I wore last year is actually a 1900s style one). But I'm incredibly pleased with how the blouse looked - it was a fabric grab from my stash and butchering two patterns to get something with the correct shape and seamlines for the period. Let's just hope that when next year comes around I am a bit more organised and don't have to make anything new the weekend before. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

QAGOMA Marvel Exhibition

Open until late September at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art is a most fantastic exhibition: Marvel, creating a cinematic universe. If you are at all interested in the Marvel universe of films, then this is the exhibition for you.

In late July, I lined up, purchased my ticket and strolled on into the exhibition to take a first hand look at design art, comic collections, props and costumes from the many Marvel movies to hit our screens. Displays included:
  • The Avengers, 
  • Thor, 
  • Iron Man, 
  • Doctor Strange, 
  • Guardians of the Galaxy, 
  • Ant Man, and 
  • Captain America. 

I was blown away by the amount of props and full costumes on display. So it was a bit of a treat to be able to get up quite close to take photos of some of the costumes. My only disappointment was the dim lighting in some rooms and that there were less walk- around displays of the costumes thus limiting my ability to get back photos. The best part of seeing the costumes though is being able to see close up all the detail that they have worked into them. Layers of different fabrics and the sheer amount of techniques used to create them all. It's incredible to see first hand and I apologise at the lack of quality in my photos as I only had my phone on hand.

My favourite display was the Asgardian throne room from the upcoming Thor movie. The whole setup was built in Australia when the movie was filmed in Queensland earlier this year. This also proved a magnificent backdrop for some of the costumes that are featured in the Thor movies.

Unfortunately my trip was dampened by the sheer number of parents and children packed into the exhibit. I’d love to go back at a quieter time (if there is such a thing) with my DSLR camera to get some photos detailing more of the costumes. Thankfully, it’s got a few more months in our fair city.