Monday, March 9, 2009

Supernova 2 - Shinku Part 1

My Shinku dress and capette are now done. The first two photos are of the dress itself and the other two are with the capette. The colour in the photos is a little off (a bit too bright). In person it is closer to the colour that I want it to be. And of course, it is made from corduroy. I have to say that I really do hate sewing with the stuff. After making everything I feel like I have inhaled a roll of it as well. Ugh.

But I really am glad that it is mostly done. I am starting to feel very relieved that all my supernova costumes are coming together. And not in the last week before the event. Phew. I was worried for a while there, because I was so far behind. But everything is on track now. But back to the sewing. My next thing is to finish the half bonnet...

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