Sunday, March 1, 2009

1850s Pink Crinoline Accessories

So, I have been half frantically working on my 1850s dress for next weekend and the International Women's Day Fun Run / Walk. But now they have asked a few of us to do a photoshoot as publicity in the courier mail, and now I need it all done and complete by Tuesday. My dress is almost complete. I just need to do the front closures, but I have to lace properly into my corset to work out where they go. Aside from that I have been hand sewing like there is no tomorrow. And I now have both my reticule and my headpiece done.

The first is my reticule. I used the same pink silk that I used for my waist sash mainly so that it will carry through the colours. And I even managed to squeeze the lining out of my dress fabric. (You can now understand what I mean when I say pink.) Other than using pretty fabric and satin ribbons, I didn't decorate my reticule, I really like that it is simple.

The second accomplishment is my head piece. Also out of the silk, but I used some pretty white cotton lace pleated around the back which will hang over the huge bun that I plan to have, and across the tops, hanging down the sides. I also added some of the ribbon that I will be using on my dress. And I needed something else, so I dug out my left over white velvet ribbon for some tiny bows.

It's rather annoying. I have spent most of my sitting in front of the TV hand sewing. I am making some more progress on my Mrs Lovett costume which is waiting on handsewing before I can progress. I am actually hoping to do some machine sewing tomorrow and even try to find some time to cut out my shinku costume. The main thing though, is that I get my dress finished. I just hope that more sore hand sewing fingers do not hurt anymore tomorrow. My fingers feel a bit tender from pushing the needle through thick fabrics. :( Ouch.

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