Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tea with Mr Darcy

Today I attended the Mr Darcy Tea at the Abbey Medieval Museum out near Caboolture in full historical regency regalia with RIFF. The tea was lovely and the atmosphere perfect. I was attending with RIFF, and we were there as an atmospheric backdrop to play croquet, battledores, cards and just be pretty. I also helped out the Kaleidoscope Dancers by being the button pusher for the music. (The number of times it has been stuffed up in the past, they need someone they can trust). And wonder of wonders, I got many a photo...


Friday, September 4, 2009

Kaleidescope Dancers and Regency August

Last Sunday, Kerry and I went out dancing with the Kaleidoscope Dancers. Once again, we were in our regency dresses (though as a testament to the heat, I skipped wearing my full regency corset), and they even managed to rope me into dancing this time. So I really didn't get that many photos.

Though now that I have been going to so many events in regency dress, it just makes me want to finish my new one. To be fair I have started getting it together. The gown and petticoat are all cut out and just waiting to be made up. I have sewn a couple of pieces together, but in a effort to be partially historically accurate, anything that can be seen I am hand sewing. Needless to say this slows me down quite a bit. So far, I have the back pieces sewn together and I have hemmed the bodice lining pieces. (Weird pieces that go across the front and just pin in place to create an extra lining). I am not so worried about getting the over robe that I have planned done, because the whole idea of making this new dress is that I have a plain white gown and can dress it up and change it with any number of spencers, pelisses, and open robes. That being said, I did actually find a couple of pieces of fabric that I have bought with the intention of making up Regency dresses. But then again, I have a lot of fabric sitting in my stash that I bought with the intention of making it up, and just haven't got around to it yet. But I will. I am determined that I will.