Saturday, March 14, 2009

Supanova 3 - Mrs Lovett Part 1

Phew. The sewing is coming along. Slowly but surely. My Mrs Lovett costume is now finished too. YAY. Happy. I didn't take any photos of the pants mostly because they look really stupid unless they are on. But the bodice...

It fits a lot better once I am laced into my corset underneath it, but overall I am very pleased. And I really like how the pleats turned out. They drove me up the wall doing them, but at least they look good.

On the cultural costume front, I have hit a bit of a snag. My plans and pattern really did not work out very well at all. Now I am trying to scrape something else together. Unfortunately all my costumes are either character or historical. Which is not at all helpful. So I really am open to suggestions. Although, mum has made all the classic crap ones - roman toga, Hawaiian sarong... you get the gist. So I can guarantee that tomorrow is going to be a busy day getting something together.

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