Friday, March 27, 2015

Cinderella's Sister

Last weekend I got to see an advance screening of Cindrella with my bestie Abi. We've both been hanging out to see the movie since photos of the costumes were originally released. It really has to be a cosplayers dream. Well, it's ours at any rate. So, for the occasion we decided to have a crack at disneybounding. 

If you haven't heard of it, "DisneyBounding is an alternative form of cosplay in which the participant dresses up as an iconic Disney character in casual contemporary fashion by assembling a color-coordinated outfit that is subtly evocative of the aforementioned character."

We decided to do Anastasia and Drizella - Cinderella's step sisters. So, as Anastasia who wears a lot of pink, I dug out my pink disney print 50's dress, and a bolero and paired it with some big hair and disney jewellery. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Neon Pop

Last weekend I attended a small cosplay opportunity event held at South Bank in Brisbane called Neon Pop. It was run in conjunction with the Bris-Asia festival.  I attended for a few hours with a fellow Lolita. I took a few photos of the event but as I only had my phone with me and the evening was rolling in fast, light disappeared quite quickly.

 We arrived in time to get organised and lined up for the cosplay parade. It turned out to be a very big line up of fellow cosplayers. We all walked through the crowd to line up around the stage for some group photos. Unfortunately there were so many of us that it didn't really work out that well. As for my costume, it was such a hot and humid day, that I had very few options that would not leave me in a pool of sweat. So, I chose to wear my Ariel Kiss The Girl outfit. It was still incredibly warm out.

 As for the event itself, I was rather disappointed with it all. The only entertainment were some kpop dancers that were on before we arrived, the cosplay parade and a couple of stilt walkers. I guess you could call the dj's entertainment, but it was a really terrible choice. What I could hear of the music was what sounded like pretty ordinary american rap. So, after the cosplay parade, the entertainment seemed to end. I picked up some food from one of the few vendors there. Only one was actually selling asian food, which I found really odd. My takoyaki was awesome, but it would have been nice if there were more options.

After eating and mingling for about 20 minutes, we decided to head home. Overall, the event was a bit lack lustre. There were so many things that could have been provided as entertainment. I think the organisers just didn't realise that they would need to put things on the stage and provide some form of entertainment for their attendees. I'm not sure that I would bother going again next year. It doesn't help that it was on in February - the middle of our horrid, humid Aussie summer. And while I am not a fan of cosplaying in summer, it was made even worse by the fact that this was an outdoor event with no air-con relief. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wicked on show

Last Friday night, I went into the city to see the latest production of Wicked to hit Brisbane. I had bought my tickets almost a year ago in about March 2014. But it was worth it, because I managed to snag front row tickets for myself my mum and my dad. I took a couple of shots before the show started, but of course, we weren't allowed to once it began. If you get the chance though, I highly recommend seeing Wicked. It's one of my favourite musicals ever. 

For the occasion, I dressed up in my 1950s pink halter dress. Which just so incidentally matches my hair at the moment. I was very matchy-matchy in pink for the evening - kinda channelling Glinda.

However, what I do have photos to share is a small exhibition in Queens Plaza on Queen Street Mall, showcasing four Wicked costumes - two belong to Glinda and two are from the ensemble in Emerald City. It was great to see the costumes up close and to take some photos of the different details. It's really incredible how much work goes into the costumes and it was amazing to see it up close and personal as well as on-stage.

Glinda's Emerald City Ballgown:

Male Ensemble Emerald City outfit

 Female Ensemble Emerald City outfit

 Glinda's Blue Gown:

(This one, I would like to make)