Monday, December 29, 2008

Round Cage Crinoline

I finally finished it. I started making this one up at the workshop Donna had earlier this year, but since I didn't need it immediately, it just kept getting put off. The silly part is that it really did not take me long to finish. Maybe about 2 hours in total.

I am happy with the shape, but just cannot believe how light it is to wear. Especially in comparison to my elliptical crinoline. And my cheap superglue didn't dry white or leave any funny marks on the fabric. Thankfully. Though, I did manage to get some on my hands. A word to the wise, avoid getting superglue on your person, it really is not easy to get off and feels rather uncomfortable. But at least it is finally done and now I can make up the petticoats and have a go at making an outfit to wear it with. I am not sure when I will wear it, just that I know I want to. Oh and I do already have some very nice fabric that will work. Hmmm, now I just need to get motivated into producing a few more pieces of sewing. It makes it hard when the family has taken over my sewing room. I should really make an effort to draw up some of the pattern I will need during my week off. Hopefully I can make some progress on this during this week, and at least get some fabric cut so that come my holidays I can just get stuck right into it all. I am even considering a trip over to spotlight tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2009 Planning

So it turns out that as I am a rather organised sort of person, I have started planning my costumes for next year. I don’t have an super secret ones, but you never know, I may change my mind or something will pop up that I need an outfit for. But at this stage, this is my list (bear with me it is long):

April 3rd – Friday Supernova – God (Dogma)? Shinku (Rozen Maiden)
The God one is what I am planning to wear if we do the mini supernova in the Queen Street Mall again. And it is God from Dogma. I am actually in the process of fixing a couple of bits on it that were a little destroyed during my last wear.

And for the Friday night of supernova, I will be wearing Shinku from Rozen Maiden. Basically she is a ball joint doll that has come to life. There are quite a few parts to it but it should not be too bad. I need chemise, bloomers, dress, capette, half bonnet and petticoat. I already have the perfect wig for the outfit, I just need to style it.

April 4th – Saturday Supernova – Lolita, Mr Lovett (Sweeny Todd)
I will be wearing Lolita during part of the day as the oz_lolita LJ community are doing a panel. I have volunteered to hand out flyers in a classic dress. At this stage I am hoping that it will be in the morning, so that I can change into my costume. But I guess I will have to wait and see until the day.

Mrs Lovett from Sweeny Todd is the one I will be changing into. I guess one of the advantages is that it involves a wig, so I don’t have to worry about re-doing my hair, I just need to hide it. In particular the one that I am doing is the swimwear she wears in ‘by the sea’. It involves a few pieces as well: bloomers, bodice, corset, corset cover, stockings and a few other accessories like sunglasses and boots. I figure that if I trowel through ebay I should be able to find everything. And I guess that the sooner I start the better.

April 5th – Sunday Supernova – Packing Padme (Star Wars II)
Fixing this one up. Phew. I am glad that I have one costume that is not going to require a hell of a lot of work. I already have the skirt done. I have pulled apart my vest an re-sewn it together so that it will just fit tightly over my corset. Really, I just need to re-make the blouse that goes underneath, an embroidered panel (instead of puff paint) for the vest. I also need to find some arm bands, headpieces and hair pieces. But overall, not that much work really. And if worse comes to worse, I can wear one of my existing outfits.

April 18th – Saturday – Miegunyah House Book Launch – 1870s bustle
Yes, I am finally making a full bustle. At this stage I have found a design that I like, but it really wont work for the fabric that I have already, so I will need to get something new for it. But it’s not like 8 metres of fabric will go to waste. I will just wait until I find the perfect design for it.

May – Steampunk
I have brought my research down to a final decision. I am going to use the Truly Victorian French Vest Bodice, but sleeveless with a pair of knee breeches, a bustle and apron, stockings and spats. As to accessories, I will fine tune what I want once I have the fabric for the outfit. I really do want everything to match nicely.

June 6th – Saturday – History Alive – 1830s day gown
I am very excited about this. I have been watching Wives and Daughters and have been really inspired into getting this one made up. I already have all the undergarments from the ball last year, thought I am going to make a new corset more along the lines of my regency corset. Hopefully it will turn out better this time. Oh and the fabric that I have will actually work with my huge regency bonnet, so I will be re-trimming that to work.

July 11th – Saturday – Newstead House Q150
A really big event for me. My mum and dad have decided that they would like to come along too. And in costume. So for dad I will be making a Victorian day suit (I am thinking dove grey would be nice). And for my mum I
am planning a late 1840s day gown. As for me, I am making up an early 1880s natural form outfit. I have had the design in mind for quite some time and I even have some of the fabric. It will be blue linen and white cotton.

July 12th – Sunday – Medieval Fair
I am going to make up the set that I had in mind for last year that didn’t work during the making up process. I have new fabric and a decent pattern that will work this time and fit me flatteringly.

July 25th – Saturday – Heritage Ball
Wow, July is busy. At this stage I intend to make up a late 1880s bustle gown. I am considering using my blue/black taffeta, with black lace or net overlay. Or using my brown check fabric. Not sure yet and I haven’t really come down on the design. But at least I have a vague idea. And I could always re-wear my ball gown from last year. I would love to do my elliptical crinoline as a ball gown, but it really will not work at this type of ball.

August – Heroes and Villains
Plenty of time to decide.

September – Playford Regency Ball
I will be making a regency ball gown. I am on the lookout for a nice soft cotton fabric. And I may even be able to get my dad to come along in his regency gentleman outfit. He does love to dance.

September 23rd ish – Bollywood Birthday Party
Am planning to have a Bollywood party for my birthday next year. I have been keeping an eye out for decorations that work, but I am thinking some fabric draped around would be nice. As for costumes, I imagine that I will be dressing my family. Hmmm, must look into patterns.

October – Fairy Tale Picnic
Mary Poppins. I
am planning to dress as Mary Poppins. Or, if I tone up enough by then I will make my dream Jasmine outfit. I guess that I will have to wait and see. I do already have a couple of outfits that would be suitable to wear, like Alice or my Mad Hatter.

December – 1920s murder mystery
Obviously I will be making a 1920s gown. I would really like a fringed flapper dress, but that really depends on money because that fringing stuff is very expensive. Other than that I was thinking something along the lines of a 1930s ball gown. Very full, but still nice. Hmmm, I could always try to pick a character and dress as them.

Phew. What a list. Other than that I am intending to do a few other bits and pieces throughout the year. A regency day set for my mum so that we can picnic together. Oh and a new regency day gown for me. Then there is Melbourne cup, which I always do something new for, and the various vintage dresses that I inevitably make throughout the year. Hmmm, looks like I will be busy and my bank account is going to suffer. I will strive to save some though, I am intending on going overseas at the beginning of 2010. But that is it. The List.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Domestic Goddesses Baking Party

On Saturday I attended Angela's birthday party - a domestic goddess baking day. The main focus for our baking was Christmasy. I decided to make up some Mini Fruit Mince Pies for my family, Kerry was baking some Gingerbread and Angela was building her Gingerbread House. It was a lovely day and I hope Angela has a fabulous birthday, even if she has to share it with Christmas.

But, onto the photos. I wore my new 50s dress which I made out of Indian cotton, using one of my vintage patterns. I really like how it turned out, and it is really nice and cool to wear, but it was a bit annoying to make up, mainly because the fabric has a rather open weave. I am hoping to get some more photos up of some of my other vintage dresses, I think I just get a bit more motivated to get photos.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Carolling in Ipswich

Christmas Carolers. On Saturday afternoon, I traipsed my way over to Bec's parents house in Ipswich so that we could go to the Ipswich Christmas Carols. And of course, we were wearing our Christmasy crinolines. We were a little worried earlier in the day because of the heat and then the rain that came over but we were lucky. I had a nice cold shower and dressed slowly in the air-con. I didn't lace in as tightly as I normally would either so that I was less likely to pass out from heat exhaustion and restrictive breathing.

But the main event of our evening was handing out candy canes to the children. Though, next year we are thinking we might hit up the Brisbane Lord Mayor's Christmas Carols.

I am actually really happy with how everything came together. The skirt, blouse, sash and bonnet I had already worn at Proclamation Day at Newstead House. But this time I had my capette (also made out of the green velveteen and lined with the skirt tartan) and my basket. I spent about an hour hot gluing bits and pieces onto an old basket that I found on top of the cupboard in the sewing room. I put the white lace trim and white velvet ribbon around the edge and then added the berries that Bec found and the leftover flowers from my bonnet. I also lined the bottom of the basket with a bit of my tartan fabric. (Gee that really went a long way). But more to the point, photos... (the top one is my ruffled petticoat over my crinoline - so happy with how it is sitting now that I tightened the ties and added a bum pad).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Proclamation Day Part 2

Now, as I mentioned in my previous post, Wednesday night was the Proclamation Day celebration at Newstead House. After dressing at work and squeezing into a Taxi, Bec and I made our way over to meet up with Erin and her family. We took a bunch of photos and received a lot of compliments for our outfits. Then we were alowed inside the house, and I have to say WOW. What a stunningly beautiful home, and best of all the let us into the roped off sections for some photos with a professional photographer.

Overall I had a great time. The weather was beautiful with a nice cool breeze (great when you are wearing a heap of layers). I am really looking forward to our next events. And I am really happy with how my outfit turned out. I even got a compliment from the daughter of a milliner about my bonnet. A huge compliment, but I wouldn't want her to look too closely. I am looking forward to going again next year. And it was fabulous to have a christmassy outfit to go along with it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Proclamation Day Part 1

I am starting to get very excited about tomorrow. I mentioned this a couple of posts ago, and tomorrow I am going to the Proclamation Day event at Newstead House. Basically it celebrates 149 years since Queensland separated from the rest of Australia. So, I have been busily working on a partially new outfit to wear. Bec and I decided that we each wanted a Christmasy Crinoline outfit. So far, I have made a tartan skirt to go over my elliptical cage, replaced the purple cuffs on my garibaldi blouse with white cuffs, made a matching reticule / bag and started work on a bonnet. I have also made a capette to wear on Saturday to the carolling out at Ipswich, but I want to save that. At this stage everything is pressed, hung and ready to go, though I will need to get out a heap of stuff tonight that I will be taking to work with me tomorrow. All I need to do now to finish it off is decorate my bonnet. Last night I finished gluing in the lining, so I just have to put the flowers and bows on it. Huge relief that I am not left right to the very last minute, so it makes for a stress-free evening tonight. And I promise that I will post up photos of the day and our new outfits.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wild West Poker Night

Last night was our guild Wild West Christmas Party. And of course, it was a poker night. I had a great time, and managed not to loose all of my chips to Kerry. But I guess what everyone is really after are the photos that I managed to get. Though, I must say Cat's costume was by far my favourite. She really threw me for a six when she arrived...