Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Melbourne Cup Day 2009

And now I am exhausted and ready for bed. It feels like I got no work at all done today. As many of you would know, today was the Melbourne Cup and of course in our office, we have a lunch. The downside for me is that I was stupid enough to say that yes, I will organise it. I had a lot of helpers, but it would be nice for once to be able to go along without having to stress over the food and setting everything up.

That being said, I had a great time, and got to wear a pretty dress for the day. I have had the hat sitting in my stash for quite some time. It was actually a birthday gift from my Dad who caught me drooling over it in the hat shop one day. And just because I am so fantastic at procrastinating, I didn't get around to making a dress to go with it. That is until I needed an outfit for Melbourne Cup. I thankfully had the dress half made and only had all the red binding, waist, zip and hem left to do. Which is why last night, I got home from work and got stuck into it. It's a good thing that I have tricks like overlockers for waist seams and invisible zip foots. It makes me job so much easier. Anyhow, I topped it all off with some navy blue gloves, my vintage style heels and some red red lipstick.