Monday, February 8, 2010

JAFA Progress entry #6

Even though I don't have much to show for it, I made a lot of progress for JAFA this weekend gone. I had Friday off on a flex day, so I managed to get a whole lot of fabric cut out. I now have every single one of my gowns for JAFA cut out and ready to be made up. As Saturday was pretty much gone after my Lolita meet, I really made the effort to get stuck into some actual sewing yesterday.

The only pictures I can post at this stage are my latest completed chemises. The one with the yellow ribbon is made of cotton voile and the one with the green ribbon is a thicker cotton that I had leftover from one of my Dad's historical shirts. I figure the thicker one would be better with one of my Georgian gowns or if it is particularly cold one night. With these two chemises included that gives me five in total. Thankfully that's all I am aiming for, so now I really don't have to worry about any more of the wretched things. At least they go together pretty quickly. And now, I can make more progress on the outer garments.