Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Supa Weekend

And that brings me to Sunday at Supanova. Again, another full day out and about. It kinda sucked that I didn't have a lot of money to spend as I usually do, 'cause I saw so many amazing things that I wanted to buy - but I held back. It was great to just wander around all the shops and encourage my brother to buy all the things. :P I ended up sitting in some really amazing panels - Barbara Eden, Rose McGowan, Adam Baldwin, Eliza Dushku and Yuko Miamura (the voice of Asuka in Evangelion). But we called it an early day and made the 2 hour drive home to Brissie - through crawling traffic.

Since I canned my Madoka costume, I decided that I would instead wear my K-ON! uniform as Yui, which I really love. So my photos to share...
And the other costumes from the day, including the panel with Yuko.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Supanova After Dark

This year, Supanova decided to hold an evening event at Dreamworld - one of the theme parks local to the Gold Coast. I dressed up in my Saber Lion costume for the event, which probably wasn't the best idea as I had to keep taking off my headpiece and wig for each of the rides. It because a little irritating after a while.

It was a great evening getting out onto the rides in the dark. I had a really nice time and was so happy to ride the roller coasters. I adore roller coasters and think there should be more readily available around the world. At any rate, we had a blast.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Supa Saturday

Saturday proved to be the biggest day of my weekend. I started off the morning bright and early, getting ready for the big day ahead. With Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeannie in attendance this time, I had decided that it was high time I did the Jeannie costume that I have had fabric in my cupboard for the last five years. It was a simple matter of picking up the last couple of embellishment bibs and bobs to finish it off. I took a good number of photos during construction, so expect an upcoming post, but here is the final product.
Best of all, I got to meet the lovely Barbara to have my photo taken with her. She was so lovely and incredibly interesting in her talk session telling stories of meeting Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and JFK.
My brother put together a new costume for himself as well - a Jurassic Park, Park Ranger. It was a very simple costume as all the components are purchased. We simply needed to iron on all the patches.
And here are some shots of the other amazing costumes on display.

Opening night on the Gold Coast

It was an exhausting weekend. It all started on Friday morning, with me finishing off the suitcase packing. I was preparing for a weekend away on the sunny Gold Coast for Supanova. I picked up my cousin after lunch and we made the 90 minute trip down. We arrived in our apartments and were pleasantly surprised by what we encountered. We were staying at the Victorian Apartments and it was fantastic - concierge trolley to get all our bags from the car to the room, secure lift, and the room itself had great views, was very close to the convention centre, shops and restaurants, and furnished well. It even looked like it had had a fairly recent renovations to upgrading.

But enough about our rooms. At 6pm we were dressed up and headed over to the Gold Coast convention centre for the opening of Supanova. This time I had put together a whole new costume. I was dressed in a Flight Suit from Stargate. Specifically as a F302 pilot on the USS Hammond. This was a very easy costume to put together (thought not overly cheap). Every element is purchased and I was able to re-use my stargate tactical boots. I was very pleased with it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I've been very busy lately, thus the lack of posting. On a personal level, I have been writing an abundance of job applications. After I was made redundant last year, I took some time off for a break and to go on a trip to Japan. Since I got back, I have been on the hunt again. On top of that, I have been trying to get my business up and running more thoroughly.

In the meantime, I have become a sewing madwoman. Namely, I have been trying to get ready for Supanova, which is on this coming weekend. I have been trying to put together 3 new costumes.

The first, a Stargate Flightsuit, was a simple purchase and ironing project.
The second, Jeannie's sister from I Dream of Jeannie. Has taken me so much time to prepare. There has been an absolute abundance of handsewing involved. But in the end it has been well worth it and I am incredibly excited to wear it. It is one costume that I am very proud of. Photos of my actually in it, will be up early next week.
The third, was to be Madoka, from an Anime that I love. It is only today, that I have decided to throw in the towel on this one. The bodice is made, and the skirt almost about to be sewn on. I tried it on and am just not happy with how it looks on me. The worst part is that I know I have been unhappy wearing projects that I wasn't 100% about in the past, so I am just not enthused about finishing this. In the end, I have decided to give it a miss. It is mostly made up from fabrics that I already had in my stash or leftover bits, so it's no big deal there. And thankfully I can use the shoes and wigs that I bought for Lolita. I'm a little disappointed, but in the end much happier for not doing it so that I can spend my time leading up to the event in a more productive manner.
So, instead, I will be pulling out a few of my existing costumes to decide on a replacement.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Regency Picnicing

I attended one other event this weekend gone. My re-enactment group were invited to attend a Napoleonic event at the Samford Scout Grounds with a number of other re-enactors. We took the opportunity to frock up in our Regency kit for a picnic for the day. It gave us a chance to socialise with some of the other Napoleonic and Regency re-enactors as well as use a few of our pieces that don't see so much use. I took along my shade shelter, and a good thing too as not long after we had set up it started to spit, and continued throughout much of the day.
For the occasion, I decided to wear my blue muslin dress. While the weather had been cooling off, it was nice to be in such a comfortably cool dress. I even wore the new petticoat that I made last year as well, and I am very pleased with it. So much so, that I am considering making another one. I topped it all off with a new grey silk bonnet. I had made this one as an item to sell, but once it was finished, I fell in love with it, and love how it goes with this dress.