Friday, March 13, 2009

Supernova 2 - Shinku Part 2

My Shinku costume is now complete. Well, apart from the wig. I still need to style that, but I think that I will wait until the night before I wear it. At the moment it is fine just sitting in the box. Anyway, I have photos of my completed half bonnet. I am rather happy with how it turned out, the brim is a good size and I put wire in it, so that it is bendable and I can shape it to how I like it. I would have liked silk for the bow part so that I could have a really puffy bow, but every shop I went into did not have the right colour. As for the rose pins, I ended up painting some cheap plastic earings and using them as a sort of button. Decorative and a hell of a lot easier than making my own out of clay.

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