Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday 20th

Things have been rather busy lately. I am still trying to get my supernova costumes finished; nasty embroidery. I am re-doing the front panel of my padme packing gown. Last time, I was pushed for time and instead just puff painted the design and tacked the panel in place. This time, I am hoping to have the embroidered version finished. It would be nice, but when it comes down to crunch time and if I am still not done, I will just use the old one. I hope that it turns out well in the end, but really, it will be a matter of wait and see.

As to my other projects coming along, I started drawing up my pattern pieces for my 1907 gown. I have about 4 pieces left to do. Then I just need to mock it up to see if it will actually fit me *cross fingers*. I am really glad that I managed to make an earlier start on this than I intended. I was banking on the Easter long weekend to get it all done, but the sooner I start the better. I hate leaving things to the last minute, so I would really like to get the pattern and mock up done as soon as possible. On the plus side, the hat that I will be using for the outfit arrived this week. It is just a basic straw boater hat. It did have a really ugly ribbon glued onto it, but I just pulled that off in preparation for my new purpose.

Oh and I have solved my dilemma over the cultural costume… I will be wearing an Indian sari. I picked one up the other day with the intention of using the fabric for a historical dress sometime in the future. Considering that you get 6.5 metres for about $40, it is a pretty good deal. So tonight I am hoping to get some henna done. Well, as long as it can be hidden under my vintage outfit tomorrow.

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