Friday, July 31, 2009

Heritage Ball - July

And now that I have gotten around to it; we have move photos. Saturday night was the night to be out and about and dancing on the town in fancy dresses. In other words, we attended the Heritage and Colonial Ball at Morningside School of Arts. And what a night it was. I danced until my feet hurt. There were 6 in our party in total; Kerry, Cat, Donna, Myself and my Mum and Dad. Our outfits were rather impressive if I do say so myself. Kerry was stunning in her new 1870s polonaise bustle gown, while Cat re-invented Kerry's crinoline ball gown from last year (she now understands why the rest of us refused to wear crinoline again), and Donna was resplendent in her 1870s bustle (I adored the colours and style - not to mention the amazing gathering on the overskirt - sorry if I drooled on your silk Donna). While my Mum and Dad were done up in their evening attire and I wore my new 1880s bustle evening gown. And as you can see from the photos, we had a "ball of a time".

As for my dress, I didn't previously post photos because I wanted it to be more of a surprise than all my other gowns this year have been. I chose to make a bustle ball gown this year as most of the dances that we do were actually from around the 1870s and 1880s. Making it perfect timing for a bustle. Not to mention that big poofy skirts and crinloines are akward to dance in. The only trouble I had with my dress this year was when people trod on the back - I learnt to dance on tip toe a bit. As for the dress itself, I chose the design from a fashin plate that I had found and fallen in love with. It is very simple but quite pretty. I used the blue/black taffeta that I had bourght last year for $3.95 per meter (bargain!). But what really challenged me was finding black lace that was not too synthetic and cheap looking. The outfit is made up of three pieces, the underskirt which is very basic and plain with now poofing, but the hem is bound in black velvet ribbon. The overskirt is also bound with the velvet ribbon and has lace on the front section. The back gathers up with ribbons and ties (It can be let down for ironing) and it has flowers sewn in along one of the gather poufs. As for the bodice, it is fitted with short pouf sleeves trimmed in lace. The hem and neck are also trimmed but there are tiny blue beads sewn on the lace at the neck and there are more flowers on the shoulder (I aso have combs for my hair that match). Oh and there are a heap of silver buttons running down the front. I am very pleased with how it turned out, and I think that my Dad was really impressed with my dress. I may even be tempted to wear it again next year.

Monday, July 27, 2009

History Alive in Regency

I thought that I would begin with the bulk of my very busy weekend; History Alive at Fort Lytton. This is basically a full weekend of costuming. I was there in Regency, and as we said through-out the weekend, it has to be one of the nicest periods to reenact. We were the gentry class, which basically translated to promenading, picnicing and sitting around all day reading poetry, playing games and being girly. I had a really great time, though I must remember to next time drink a lot more water so that I don't get headachey or dehydrated. But onto the photos - I have put both of them up together.

I actually wore two dresses for the weekend. The first on on Saturday is my new 1825 dress. It is very poofy and feminine, but I am not exactly sure that I really like how it looked on me. I was happy with it on my mannequin, but looking at the photos I am not sure that I will ever do this particluar style for myself again. Oh, and my huge bonnet was unwearable all day because the wind just kept on blowing it off my head. Very unfortunate and annoying. As for Sunday, I dug out my Regency dress and spencer from last year. Note to self though, I need to buy a new button as somewhere along the lines I managed to loose one.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Abbey Medieval Fair

I was really slack last night (or just exhausted) so I didn't post any of my photos from the Abbey Medieval Fair on Sunday. Thankfully this year I had not picked up a stomach bug, so I did enjoy the day a lot more. My brother decided that he would come along with me, after a heap of yelling that I didn't give him enough warning about it.

We managed to get lost on the way there due to the lovely roadworks on the highway and dodgy signage. But the sun was shining and the rain clouds were nowhere in sight. I love how my costume turned out and was so happy to wear it. Not to mention comfortable. That has to be one of the best things about wearing medieval is that the undergarments and dresses are in no way binding or tight. My outfit is made up of a white cotton chemise (you can just see a bit of it at the neck and the sleeves), a brown gown and the red robe over the top. And of course, I decided to wear my long braids with it. I got quite a few nice compliments on my dress (rare at a medieval fair where every second person is dressed up), and I love how the train looks when I walk. The only downside is that I get trod on. People should really look where they are walking.

As for the day, we wandered around a bit, watched some of the dancers (amazing!!! Makes me want to learn too), and we watched the knights fighting. After some good quality shopping we called it a day and headed home. The shops were actually pretty decent this year too. I picked up some buttons which I intend to use for a steampunk outfit, I got my torc (necklace thing) that I have been wanting for ages, and a cute little leather purse. I am quite happy to spend my money on leather goods because I have zero experience working with leather and I do not imagine that I would be that good at it. But to top it off, I bought a quiver. (It's the thing that you put your arrows in). This also has plans for a steampunk outfit, but that is something for the future. It's beautiful though, and I love the smell of the new leather. I even bought an arrow too. It's sounds strange just buying one, but I need it to study so that I can make my own in a style unique to my outfit.