Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kaleidoscope Dancers in Indro

Saturday saw me up at the crack of dawn (stupid brother playing stupid computer games at full volume), but as the afternoon rolled around I attended an antiques fair at indooroopilly to dance with the Kaleidoscope Dancers. Not only was this my very first time performing with them, but I picked up the cutest antique cake forks to add to my tea party collection.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bollywood Birthday

I thought that I would begin by saying thanks to everyone who came along, I had a great time and it was a pleasure to have your company. What I am referring to, is of course my Bollywood Birthday Party on Saturday night. There were 22 of us all enjoying Indian food and music. Not to mention costume. I spent most of my Friday (which I thankfully took off work) baking in preparation. As for the day itself, it was a little more relaxing with way less preparation on my part, though I did manage to peel open my finger instead of the potato, which put a real crimp on my cutting abilities with blood gushing out of my finger. Ew, I know.

As for the night itself, I had many colourful decorations, mild and hot Indian curries and fruity desserts. (I have to say that the mini strawberry cheesecakes were my favourite). Not to mention just about everyone was dressed up in their Indian attire. It was actually one of my less stressful costumes to put together, mainly because it was quick to do and I really did not have to worry too much about cultural or historical accuracy. I was channeling 'I dream of Jennie' with pants, a skirt and a bolero style vest, along with a leotard underneath (you don't need to see my flab) and a high ponytail. My skirt and vest were made out of a full Indian sari that I chopped up and it was my very first time working with Lycra for the leotard (easier than I expected). I also made my brother's costume which was very simple. It is basically a pair of pyjamas with a bright open robe over the top to add some colour and flair. Overall I had a fantastic evening, but for the photos. I didn't get that many, being in the kitchen getting the food ready, so I am relying on my fellow photo snappers that were there to post photos for me to get copies of.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vintage Afternoon Tea

And because I have been super slack these last couple of days, I am only just now getting around to posting pictures. Last Friday afternoon saw me heading over to Donna's place to start getting dolled up for a retro afternoon out on the town. After flipping through her new vintage hairstyling book (which I now have on order too) I picked out my challenge and started to get ready. I tell you now, it wasn't easy trying to do my hair without a mirror, but Kerry helped with the pinning up, and I think we ended up with something good. I got all done up in my new peach 1940s dress along with a couple of my vintage fashion fair finds - gloves and hat. We then headed on into the city to meet up with Cat at the Shingle Inn for tea. A bit of wandering around, and we ended up at the Brisbane arcade and having a second set of tea at Room With Roses Cafe. The atmosphere is just lovely there, and calls for a future outing in historical costume. Maybe something Victorian or Edwardian.