Friday, April 24, 2015

Supanova on the Gold Coast

It feels like it has taken me all week to recover. Last weekend, I attended Supanova Gold Coast - one of the first in the round of conventions for the year and actually one of my first costume events this year. Summer is just too hot and humid in Brisbane to be comfortable costuming. I didn't get to take any photos over the weekend as I had a very unfortunate phone smashing incident where only the bottom right corner is now usable. I'm still waiting on my new phone to be delivered. However, I did actually costume the entire weekend and was lucky enough to have Pandom Images snap some photos for me.

The weather here has started cooling down in the evenings, so I decided I could handle the heat of wearing my Saber Lion cosplay. It's a super comfortable costume and fun to wear, even if there are very few people who know what it is. 

Then, on Saturday, I debuted my new Diablo 3 Monk costume. It's my first time working with armour and if you follow my facebook page, you would have seen some of my progress shots. There were only a few fabric elements to the costume and the rest required my forray into working with foam. I've learnt a lot and will definitely be trying my hand at it again. I based my armour pieces off game screencaps. Basically, I created a new female Monk and every time I got a new piece of armour or weapon, I screencapped it - giving me a huge pool of images to pick and choose my armour from.

And finally, for Sunday, I wore my new Game of Thrones costume - Margaery Tryell in her mourning outfit. I loved my previous Margaery costume and was sad to see it die so it was a no brainer when choosing to make another GOT costume. I decided on her mourning outfit because I just haven't seen it made before by other cosplayers and I loved the look of it. This time though, I took steps to make sure that it would be a lot more durable than my last Margaery but that is all for a later post and tutorial. I was pleased with it though and so happy to find a Joffrey cosplayer for a few photos.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Princess Jasmine Photo Time

Earlier this month, I signed up for a Disney photoshoot with a group of fellow Brisbane Cosplay Ladies at City Hall in Brisbane City. I decided to wear wear my Princess Jasmine Betrothal Gown. And thanks to our photographer James Niland I have some amazing photos to share. 

As for the princesses, we all have Facebook pages:
Jasmine: -  Poisonedkitty
Tinkerbell - Nichameleon
Megara - The Winter Sirens
Snow White - ConfidentialPublicityCosplay
Anna - Australian Pond-Doctor Who Cosplayer
Alice - Twerkin Gherkin
Aurora - Diana Daring
Ariel - Minnie Alice
Cinderella - Stevie Cooper

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Eggstravaganza

Then comes Easter. To start the Easter long weekend, I attended a picnic on Easter Friday. We'd had a week of rain leading up to the event, so were a bit dubious about being outside in an uncovered area, but we persevered and all met up in a gazebo in the Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane City. There was an egg hunt, easter trivia, egg races and of course eating. Feeling a little worse for wear now that I scoffed all of my chocolate, but it was a fun afternoon.

For the occasion, I baked triple chocolate cupcakes that had a dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate layer. It was a new recipe so I was a little dubious about how it would turn out. They were a little dense but that's what you get with a cake that has melted chocolate in it.

I also turned my hand to hat decorating and made up some easter festive hats for myself and my travelling companion Ainead. I went a little nuts in a discount shop last weekend a stocked up on supplies and then spent Thursday night going nuts with my hot glue gun. The hats turned out super cute though. One is chicken and egg theme, the other is bunny theme.

I had a lovely time and while I don't really need the extra sugar and calories it would be a lovely event to repeat next year.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

QAG The Founding Years

So, last weekend, a few ladies of the ACG and I went to the Queensland Art Gallery. An exhibition had been put together to celebrate 120 years of the gallery's life. It was made up of their earliest acquisitions, a couple of which I had fallen in love with on previous visits.
And, as the art pieces are owned by the gallery, photography is actually allowed, so I can share the pictures I took (on my phone mind you) of some of the pieces in the exhibition.

I absolutely adore this one titled Under the Jacaranda.

 And this one Monday Morning which shows a slice of life of the times.

And my favourite on display Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.  The detail is amazing - you can see each little apple.

 And some more with quite the number of Australian sceneries and many done my Australian artists...

Also included were the original photographs taken of the first acquisitions and details about the first exhibition.

 But, what many want to see, what did we wear? Well, since the exhibition covered 1895 - 1915, we chose outfits from within that period. Three ladies chose the earlier fashions, while another and myself chose to wear a more Edwardian style. I was just happy to be able to re-wear my 1910s outfit which doesn't get out much.

We rounded out our trip with a foray into the permanent exhibitions in the gallery. We didn't get through much, but I did take a couple more photos of the pieces that struck me. We will definitely have to make another trip in to look at all these alone. There are some really beautiful items on display.