Sunday, March 8, 2009

International Women's Day - 1850s Pink Crinoline

Today is International Women's Day. And here in Brisbane, we participated in a 5km walk. And as we are member of the Australian Costumes Guild and it is 150 years since the separation of Queensland, we dressed in 1859 crinoline outfits.

This is my first round crinoline outfit, and I am rather happy with how it looks. Granted it is very bright and I am not really a fan of the crinloine era. But I had fun today. I am exhausted. I got home, showered, ate and slept for like 1.5 hours.

It was a bit hot today, so I was really thankful for my all cotton undergarments and dress. And the shortening of my dress really worked. Granted it was only 1 inch shorter today, I didn't end up tripping over my own dress. Phew. Oh and I should appologise for the dodgy photo, but it is the only one that I got. I am thinking that I will have to do a proper photoshoot with the dress sometime so that I can have some good photos and not gross sweaty ones.

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