Saturday, March 7, 2009

Supernova 1 - God, Dogma

We have progress. I have been slowly working of getting my costumes ready for supernova. I will post more photos as I get everything done, but as of now, my God corset is fixed and ready to wear. The main change that I had to make was to cut it down around the neck and arm. Which meant pulling off all the old binding, and re-binding it. Only this time I actually did a good job. I think the only issue that I really have is that since I have lost weight since I last wore this, it is now lacing almost closed.And in more progress, I mentioned that I have been slowly working on getting my mum's 1840s undergarments made up. This is the outermost petticoat - and starched to the nth degree.

It has been mostly complete and just sitting around in my sewing room for quite some time, so I figured that I should just finish it and clear out some space for more of my current projects. Mum is happy with it, and rather pleased that she is getting more of her historical pieces together. To date, she has her corset, chemise and now this top petticoat.

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