Wednesday, February 28, 2018

12 Months of Disneybounding

It may seem like I have had a slow start to the year, but I have been sewing like a crazy person the last couple of months. It’s funny, over the last couple of years, I really haven’t made a whole lot of new costumes or clothing. And when I think about it, I suspect it’s because I burnt myself out. But in 2018, I feel like I am finally getting back on track. I do have a new costume in the works, which I will post about soon, but the main thing I have been working on lately is filling my wardrobe with work and casual clothing – all made from stash.

And one of the ways that I am spurring myself to do this is by taking on a challenge. One of my good friends the lovely ainead, challenged me to 12 months of Disneybounding. If you’re not in the know, disneybounding is where you dress in normal clothing but it is inspired in design and colouring by a Disney character. And I don’t know if I am crazy, but I have accepted the challenge.

So, how does the challenge work? Well, each month I pick a Disney movie and I dress as characters inspired by that movie. Some months I might only Disneybound once, and in other months it might be four times. And I’ve been posting outfit shots on my Instagram each time I wear something, making sure to use the hashtag #12monthsdisneybound. Keep in mind that I am wearing this stuff to work, so it does have to be somewhat office appropriate.

So I’ll start off with January. I chose Alice in Wonderland for my first Disney Movie.

First up was Alice herself.

I made a new dress out of some Alice in Wonderland print fabric that I bought on my 2013 trip to Japan (yay for using stash). And then I paired it with some black vintage shoes, an Alice headband leftover from my Lolita days (Innocent World) and some Alice themed jewellery. I topped it off with some Alice perfume oil from Black Pheonix Alchemy Labs (BPAL).

Then came the Cheshire Cat.

This one I managed to put together completely from my closet – pencil skirt and a purple review cardigan (which I have never worn like this). I then added my QPOT Cheshire Cat necklace (that was a Christmas Gift) and again topped it off with some heels and the Cheshire Cat perfume from BPAL.