Thursday, February 26, 2009

Debbie's Victorian Chemise

This is my mum’s brand new chemise. I used the simplicity pattern again as I really like how it turns out and I find it pretty comfortable. Believe it or not, it was really hard to find everything to actually make this; like the white voile, every time I go to spotlight they never have any in white (reason behind the pink drawers???) and then it took me an age to track down the broderie anglaise trim that you can thread the ribbon through. Now mum is really starting to get excited that everything is coming together. I keep presenting her with a new piece every now and again. First was the corset, now the chemise. I have started working on her petticoats but I need to take measurements with the corset on and of course I forgot last time I had her laced in.

Onto other news, I had the day off work on Wednesday and I managed to get quite a few things done. My 1850s round crinoline outfit is coming along nicely. I have the bodice almost complete and the skirts are attached to it and hemmed. All I really have left to do on it, is a smidge of hand sewing; namely the sleeve seam needs to be stitched down to the lining and I need to put my little hook and eye closures on the front, and add my bow trims. So I will be able to get it done this weekend. Other than that, I have the head piece pattern drawn up and I think I have enough of my fabric left over to get a little drawstring bag cut out. I am intending to use the dress fabric as the lining, and make both the bag and head piece out of my matching sash fabric. I tried the partially finished dress on Polly over the top of my crinoline and petticoats, and I am so pleased with how it is sitting. And with it only one weekend away, I am starting to get very excited.

Though, that also means that supernova is fast approaching and I really need to make more of start on my costumes. My Mrs Lovett is on hold until I sit down and get my hand sewing completed; my padme vest needs to be taken in a bit, edges need to be finished and I need to start on that embroidery piece; and as for my shinku, I have to cut out some fabric this weekend so that I can get stuck into it. I did manage to score on one front today, I picked up some large silver hoops to use as my padme armbands and some rose earrings for my shinku buttons, bonnet and shoes. These were that last hard things that I really needed to find. I am hoping that this weekend, once my 1850s dress is done, to get stuck into my supernova costumes. It probably does not help that it will be my brother’s birthday on Sunday and I may not get that much done. But I can live in hope.

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