Monday, March 29, 2010

White Queen Post #3

It was one very busy weekend that I spent. I had Friday off, so I managed to make a start on my White Queen costume. As it currently stands, the only things I have ready are petticoats and boots to wear. I will need a little more that this, so I decided that it would be prudent to start with the bodice (probably the most complex part of the whole costume.

After the fail that was my first attempt where I tried to make a bodice that fit exactly over the top of my Georgian stays, I had a bit of a re-think. And instead I am building the bodice around a new set of stays. (I'm starting to get good at Georgian stays now). Thankfully though, these ones have no tabs to be bound as it is stylised into the shape of the character bodice. So far the base of my bodice is complete and I am up to decorating it. I will go into more detail about the construction of the bodice when I have finished.

The one thing that I did manage to get done, was the quilted petticoat that I will be wearing underneath my existing Georgian petticoats. It is very very simply constructed. I purchased quilted calico and a piece of cotton to make them. They are made in the same way as my outer petticoats with two side plackets and the two separate waistbands, the back tying in front and the front tying in back. I had considered making the petticoat complete, but thought it would create less problems in the lining was not stitched on at the hem. Instead I basically made two petticoats on the same band, that are tacked together at the placket. It was pretty quick to whip up and they are giving me a great rounded shape for my skirts.

Now back to that bodice...

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