Sunday, March 14, 2010

JAFA Progress entry #15

I have slowly been getting bits and pieces of my last two JAFA gowns together. The only thing I have completed today is the hat that will be worn with the day gown. Keep in mind that the gown is late Georgian.

I started with a low crown flat brim hat that I shipped in from America (found it on ebay of all places). It sat in my sewing room for a few weeks before I finally decided that Friday was the day I would tackle re-shaping it. I pinned it to my mannequin head in the shape that I wanted it and soaked it with water (I filled an old squirty bottle). To my astonishment it actually worked, and I am very pleased with the shape. It really was that simple to shape the hat.

I then made the band and bow out of the leftover silk for the dress sash and attached that to the hat with a few quick stitches. A bit of attention with the hot glue gun (yes I know, not historically accurate) and I was done with the decorating. Now that the hat is done, I really need to get stuck into getting the gown done as well. Stupid hand sewing is going to be very time consuming though - there is so much of it.

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