Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Queen Post #1

After a quick trip up to Lincraft at lunch time today, I am on my way to starting my White Queen costume. So far, I have two base petticoats (my georgian ones) and the false rump that I will be wearing. I started working on the quilted petticoat on the weekend and it all it requires now is a hem.

My first attempt at the bodice was not at all successful in that it was way too short and not stylised enough for my liking. So I went back to the drawing board and started again. Instead of makeing a bodice that sits over my current georgian stays, I will be makeing the outer bodice onto a new set of stays. Time consuming I know, but they will not have tabs which takes the longest time to bind. The biggest advantage is that the stays themselves will be stylised and I won't have to worry about the outer bodice slipping and the orange silk stays underneath being seen.

I have also had to re-think my undershirt as the first attempt also failed. (I was having am awful day. On top of the stomach bug I had, nothing I was sewing was going my way). It's not that much of a step back, it will actually be simpler as I will make the base shirt and then just cut the neckline while I am wearing it so I don't have to worry about drafting up a pattern.

Adding to the list of failures, the wig that I purchased (not cheap either) was the wrong colour. I need something that is platinum blonde, almost white, and while that is what it was called on the internet and the photos showed a very white blonde, I got stuck with yellow blonde. Not only is it too yellow, it really does not suit me so I can't use it anyway. In revolt, I went hunting through my wig stash and dug out my plain white one. It is going to have a trim and styling to hopefully get it into an acceptable shape.

On the other hand, I stopped by Diva on my way back to the office and managed to pick up the last of the jewelery pieces that I need. I got a necklace of fake pearls for $5 that I intend to chop up and use to decorate the bodice. And I picked up a couple of sparkly diamante bracelets that I can pull apart and turn into the necklace. They are just about perfect for what I wanted, and since they are on an elastic, they are simple to dismantle.

Now I just need to get cracking on it all and stop getting sidetracked by computer games *shakes fist at the sims*.

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