Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dad's 55th Birthday Gift

Wow, for once a post about something other than JAFA. Still regency though. I thought that I would share the few pieces that I made up for my Dad for his birthday earlier this year.

Firstly, I made him a brand new regency vest and jacket. The vest is made from the laughing moon mens suit pattern, and the beautiful fabric I found on ebay (and some leftover silk dupion for the collar). I was so proud of myself for going to the extra effort to make up this pattern. In the past I have simply used a modern vest pattern with a couple of adjustments. The thing about the historical pattern is that the shoulder seams are set back, it has a straight bottom and the pockets in the front are actually real and usable.

The next piece I put together was a tailed coat. I picked up the fabric (fake cashmere) at spotlight on a sale rack at the end of winter. I knew that it would be perfect for a jacket. Not only would it be warm, but it looks amazing made up. It took a little longer than some of the other jackets I have put together because the seams end up being very thick, and I am paranoid about getting the pile running all the same way. (I once made a pair of corduroy pants where the pile on the front went down, but went up on the back. They looked funny and felt so weird to touch). I only just took these photos today as I finally put the button holes and buttons on for him (he had to try it on so that I could get them in the correct place). And I am happy with my gold metal buttons, they actually work rather well.

Finally the last thing that I made for his birthday is this adorable cross stitch kit. Orchids - my Dad takes pride in growing them. Kitty - he is a cat person. Perfect gift. I was just pleased to get everything done in time.

And thus you now know the reason I am so far behind on my own projects for JAFA and supanova. While getting two of my dresses completed in the week of leave I took in January, I spent most of my time hurriedly sewing in secret to get Dad's birthday present done. I really am going to have to stop making gifts for my family. It really is too much stress.

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