Monday, March 22, 2010

JAFA Progress entry #16

And another one is done. I am so overtly happy. I now only have one more ensemble to put together. I finished this one yesterday afternoon, but was so buggered that I didn't get around to posting about it. The dress is based on one of the ones that is worn in the movie "The Duchess". It is done at an early 1790s dress. It features the same style of back as the earlier Georgian dresses but it ends at the waist. where the skirts are gathered on. The front is made as a drawstring at both the neckline and the waist. It then has a silk waist sash tied around the middle. I will be wearing this with my Georgian undergarments - ie, stays, false rump and 2 petticoats. Believe me when I say it gives a nice shape. I am pleased with how it turned out, especially since I was butchering a pattern that for an era that I have never made before.

This dress adds the green colour to my rainbow wardrobe of gowns for JAFA. So far I have pink, blue, white and teal, yellow, purple and now green and brown. The next dress is actually cream and orange. Very autumn colours.

On another note. I sat down last night for about 5 hours and started on the styling of my Georgian wig. I attached my mannequin head to a stand so that it could perch easily. Then I put the wig I am styling on top and started curling it. Because this is a synthetic wig, I can't use heat to give the curl so I have to rely purely on setting the curl in place. I did this by first wetting the hair with a spray of water and the dousing it in hairspray and the rolling it up and pinning it in place. The wig I am using is my super long one that I wore with my Dogma God costume. The costume doesn't fit me anymore and I don't have certain parts of it, so I was happy to give new life to the wig and revamp it. The first step was brushing it out. Because it was a curly wig, I was unable to brush it in the past because the curl would come out, so it ended up being quite a bit of a knotty mess. At the moment the wig is sitting in the sewing room drying out. I know it won't take days to dry, but I would rather be safe than sorry, so I thought I will leave it until the weekend before I attempt to style it. Here's hoping it works.

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