Saturday, March 6, 2010

JAFA Progress entry #8

After a week of feeling like death warmed up, I have finally made a little progress on more of my JAFA sewing. I have made two pairs of late regency drawers. Since I was not quite with it when I started sewing these on Sunday afternoon, they only just got finnished today. Originally these were going to be made at the very last minute as I don't really need them per se, but would like them. They were always a project that would get made if I had time, but since I didn't want to stuff up something else that I was working on, I decided to go with these as they are pretty mindless to sew.

Both pairs are made with a white sheeting cotton as the top half and a nice cotton voile at the bottom. Apparently this was common practice to use a nicer fabric on the bottom to save on money. It worked for me, because I had very little voile left over after cutting out a heap of chemises and a skirt. One pair is pure white with a pretty embroidered cotton lace on the hem. The other pair has a thinner lace on the bottom but with a blue check cotton bias sewn on (left over from my blue day gown).

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