Monday, April 5, 2010

White Queen Post #6

Only one more step to go. The costume in and of itself is now complete. Today I finished the under blouse and sleeves.

The under blouse is made of crystal organza as well, so it gives a nice shimmer. Unfortunately it is a little hot to wear not to mention rather itchy (I learnt that the hard way on a dress I had when I was about eight), so I will definitely be wearing a singlet underneath to absorb the sweat and stop the itching a bit more. It also has the iron-on diamontes over the exposed parts as well as the taffeta ribbon fringing on the edges. The sleeves are slightly long and fold back like she wears them in the film. It was a bit of a pain ironing on the diamontes because of the open weave of the fabric, but it is done.

The other part I finished today were the sleeves. I decided to make the puff sleeves as separate pieces so that they would move with my arms a little easier. It will also make getting dressed simpler. They are made of the delustered satin covered with iron-on diamontes again. It also has the taffeta ribbon at the top and bottom and gathers up by elastic to give the puff shape, while allowing for comfort.

Now I just need to roll up the wig so that it has some curl. I am aiming to do that tomorrow evening after work. (I knew I should have taken more holidays).

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