Saturday, April 10, 2010

Supanova Day 2 - White Queen

And it came to day two of supanova. It has been a long and exhausting day (not to mention stinking hot) but I had an absolutely fantastic time. I bought a couple of new additions to my character collection and a super poofy petticoat. We also made it along to a couple of the talks going on today; James Masters, Corin Nemac and Karl Urban. We even made it along to see James Masters perform this evening. It was an absolutely fantastic day.

But, onto my costume. Today, I got to wear my White Queen costume. It took me quite some time to get dressed, but I am so pleased that I made the effort to get this costume finished. I simply love how it turned out. Unfortunately today was probably not the ideal day to wear a costume made of about 90% synthetic fabrics. It was sweltering underneath all the layers. Note to self; Winter. Next time I wear this costume, make sure it is in winter.

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