Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jane Austen Festival 2010 Evening #4

That evening was a very relaxed one with an early evening theatre session. They performed Sense and Sensibility.

To this, I pulled out the dress that I made for the Kaleidoscope Christmas Dance last year. It's not the sort of dress that I would ever wear to a dance again as the train is an absolute nightmare. You have to either hold it up (no thanks) or pin it up, and in my opinion, that ruins the look of the dress. So it turned out as the perfect thing to wear to the theatre. This time though, I had a full length petticoat underneath so that my chemise could not be seen and I also wore the diadem that we started in our evening head wear workshop. (Yes, I was determined to get it done). This night, I didn't even bother adding any new hairspray to my hair, I just used the build up that was already in there (ew, I know, but it worked). My hair was in a high ponytail and then I borrowed Donna's hot sticks (must get a set of them for myself) and curled up all my hair, plopped on the diadem and I was done.

Kerry was lovely again in her open robe, this time with a turban (yes, we will now be exploiting that skill) and Donna dressed up her pink gown with a silk bodice that sits of the top. It looked lovely (especially the tassels, but you know I am a sucker for a tassel) and is such a good idea to dress up a gown so that you have a different look. Very clever.

To the photos...


  1. I LOVE your purple ballgown! It's stunning! I've really enjoyed looking at all of your pictures from the Jane Austen festival. :)

  2. All your outfits were absolutely beautiful. You did a wonderful job.