Friday, April 23, 2010

Jane Austen Festival 2010 Day #3

And we come to the weekend. I started the day off with a workshop to make evening headwear. In particular, a diadem. (I did get mine finished). Basically it is a tiara sort of thing that you decorate to match your gown. I have photos of me wearing it, but that wasn't until Sunday evening. We finished the day with learning regency card games and a talk on a country estate dinner and what it would involve in terms of food. Very nifty. But we decided to head back to the hotel a little early so that we could start to get ready for the evening - the ball.

For the day, I wore my new blue cotton check gown along with my matching blue silk spencer, bonnet and reticule. and on all three is ribbon embroidery. It's amazing really how much more comfortable this gown is than my white gown, even though they are the same patterns. In the white version, the sleeves are a little tight which makes movement a little uncomfortable. So this time, I added about 1cm extra. Good thing too, the gown is so much better. And I had thought that it was about time that I tried my hand at embroidery and wanted to do something that would go nicely with the silk - hence the silk ribbon. However, don't ask me where I got my ribbon, a couple of the colours I managed to find on Ebay while the rest I picked up for a bargain while I was on holiday in Japan. The only issue I have with wearing a silk spencer is that it crushes like there is no tomorrow.

Donna wore her white gown again with the open robe over the top. I adore the open robe. The fabric is just so beautiful. And Kerry pulled out her brown cotton gown with the detachable sleeves. I love the self woven stripe in the fabric and am aiming to keep an eye out for this sort of thing for myself in the future. Very pretty. But for the photos:

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