Tuesday, April 13, 2010

JAFA Progress entry #19

I am almost done. I wish that I was completely finished. No photos, you will just have to wait until I get back next week, but today, I finished the open robe and waist sash for my final dress. I only have the hem on the underskirt to go, and since I found that nifty little blind hem feature on my sewing machine that should be done pretty quickly. (It's about a 7 metre hem so I don't really have time to sit and hand sew it).

I also managed to get my regency petticoat done today - mainly hand sewing and a hem. But it is now finnished too. And I even found the time to start 3 reticules to match my dresses. All they require now is a smidge of hand sewing.

So my tasks for tomorrow involve packing everything. Not to mention ironing it all before it goes in the suitcase. *sigh* I hate ironing...

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