Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jane Austen Festival 2010 Evening #2

That evening saw us attend the evening formal "dinner with the dashwoods". In my opinion this was the best evening event that we attended (with the ball coming a close second). While not everyone had period correct costumes, they all dress up formally which added a really nice touch to the evening. It started out with taking our assigned seats and then lining up for dinner; which was made up of veggies and roast meet. Once dinner was finished we sat to watch the evening entertainment (a singer who really wasn't to my taste that much) and then the dancing. I wasn't really in the best of costumes to dance, so ended up watching and socialising for the remainder of the evening.

To this, I wore my very first Georgian gown. Well, late Georgian at any rate, around the 1870s. The dress is based off one of the ones worn in the film "the Duchess". It is a pretty simple dress that I based off the JP Ryan robe a englaise pattern. (I believe I wrote about it at the time of making). It actually laces up in the front at an under-layer and then has the skirt gathering at the waist and at the neckline to fit in place. Underneath I was wearing my chemise, Georgian stays, false rump, and two petticoats. All in all, giving it a rather nice shape. Donna laced me in, so it was quite a bit tighter than my mum can lace, but overall I was very comfortable. I didn't really plan anything special for my hair, I just started with some hot rollers and then teased and twisted to my hearts content to get it all up and rather poofy. Next time though, I think I will definitely remember to take along my hair rats, and I definitely need to make some hairpieces to go with this, maybe some feathers.

Donna looked stunning in her pastel pink dinner gown. I just love how the fabric is so sheer (I will definitely have to get into the use of muslin). And Kerry was in natural tones again in her cream evening gown. Instead of making completely new gowns for everything like me, she made detachable sleeves for her dresses making them usable for both day and evening. Very smart girl that one. Sam's white gown was just beautiful. That is one girl who can really wear white. And Wendy look fabulous with her new turban. Selected photos below...

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