Monday, April 12, 2010

Supanova Day 3 - Tia Dalma

Phew! One weekend is over. And it was a busy one I tell you now. Sunday was at a little bit of a slower pace, but still wore me out. Though that could be from the fact that my lovely family has given me a head cold. Perfect timing, really.

I made it along to see the James Masters talk again. Only this time, they shifted him into the huge anime theatre and it was packed. All the seats were filled and there were people standing around the sides as well. I guess they just underestimated how popular he would be. I have to say though, I really hate the people who get up to ask a question and start it out by saying "I love you, blah blah blah". There is a time and place for that. Just get on with your question. I think it is more embarassing for the guest than anything else. Still, he was cool about it.

For my costume, I wore my Tia Dalma one again. I know it's not a recent film so the only costumes you generally see from Pirates of the Carribean are Jack Sparrows wandering around. But it was still nice to be recognised. I just makes me feel a lot more secure about my sewing abilites that I can work something up that actually looks film correct. Plus, I love the costume. I have always wanted to make it, and this year gave me the perfect excuse. Again, it was stinking hot, but it probably didn't help that I was running a bit of a temperature, so I didn't stick around all day like I normally would. Instead I went home, showered and crashed into my bed for an hour.

Overall, I had a great weekend. It was well worth all the effort that I put into my costumes, even if they drove me up the wall in the meantime. There were some fantastic costumes that I saw running about, but I sadly didn't get many photos. Now I can start thinking about what costumes I want to make for next year (yes I know I am nuts, but I like to be prepared). The only plans I have at the moment are to go with something cool, less layers, that sort of thing. It will most likely get thrown out the window when I fall in love with another costume.

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