Friday, April 23, 2010

Jane Austen Festival 2010 Evening #3

That afternoon, we headed home early so that we could nap and roll up our hair in preparation for our evening entertainment... The Ball. It's the sort of thing that is most looked forward to in terms of regency. The gowns are just so much more fancy and the evening feel a lot more special. The evening started off with dancing, and I did participate for a little, but then found myself congregating outside to socialise, as all good ladies do at a ball. We then progressed into the card room. This had to be the highlight of my evening. I love playing cards, and Kerry and I won quite a few gold coins.

For this night, I wore my lemon yellow ball gown. It is made with a crinkle chiffon overskirt and sleeves over a white silk base. While I love how the overskirt and sleeves turned out, I think that I can really add a bit more to this dress with some trimming. It would be as simple as some beading on the bodice and sleeves, and perhaps at the waistline as well. I did like my hair though. It was more of an accident that it worked, I had no real plan in mind, just curled it, twisted it and decided that it would work. I also made it a little prettier by weaving a strand of pearls though and adding flowers and feathers. Like I said, more good luck than good management.

Donna and Kerry however, were stunning in their gowns. We all went with the silk idea (of course, it is a ball), but Donna had a lovely combination of colours all worked into her dress that matched the trimming. Very creative, and it looked fantastic. Kerry glowed. Her gown was beautiful with piping and puffed sleeves attached to a cross-over gown. She looked beautiful and Donna and I did a great job getting her hair how she wanted it. (I am proud of us).

And the pictures...


  1. Lovley pictures, we also want to make a regency picnic:)

  2. Thankyou. Picnics are the best. And a great way to be historically accurate. :D

  3. I'm absolute agree with you:)