Friday, April 9, 2010

Supanova Day 1 - Mrs Lovett

So, today was the first day of my weekend-long adventure at Supanova Brisbane. I have been twice before, so I kind of knew what to expect, however this is the first year that they have opened the stalls of the convention on the Friday. It was nice really, in that I was able to get a couple of things without the mad crush of people on a Saturday. Namely, I bought a couple of shirts, anime (the madman store is always particularly packed) and a gloomy bear. He is pink and furry and sooooo cute.

As for my costume, since I would only be wearing it for a short period of time, I thought that there was really no point in making a whole new outfit. So, I dug out my Mrs Lovett, by the sea (Sweeny Todd) costume from last year. Only this time, I added elastic so that the pants ruffle would sit in the correct place and the waist tape would not snap like last year. It made dressing much easier and the fact that my hair is now long enough that I didn't need a hair piece was a huge bonus. I am really happy with how this turned out, and was happy to see that I was actually recognised (It can be a bit of a problem when you pick slightly obscure costumes and movie costumes).

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