Wednesday, April 7, 2010

White Queen Post #7

I spent a few hours last night working on the very last step in my White Queen costume. I rolled up the wig. Again, I used a combination of spraying the hair with water and then hairspray and rolling in velcro rollers and pinning them in place. I intend to leave them rolled up until Saturday morning when I am getting ready and am about to wear the wig. It really will be just a matter of unrolling the curls, brushing them out lightly and pinning back the front sections to match the hairstyle in the film. Quite simple really.

I think the only other preparation that I need to do is painting my finger nails (I may use false ones) and putting on my make-up. My only worry is that knowing my luck it will be stinking hot on Saturday and my make-up will melt off my face.

The next time I post about this costume will be photos of me wearing it. *so excited*

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