Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jane Austen Festival 2010 Evening #1

I am going to have to break this down into days; there were so many photos taken (about 400 all up) and so much going on, that breaking it all up will be the easiest way to go.

Our first day (Thursday 15th April) started with a 9am flight from Brisbane to Canberra. We touched down safely and made our way to our hotel; rydges lakeside. Our next excursion was a quick trip to the shops to grab some lunch and set ourselves up with food for the weekend; ie breakfast and a couple dinners. We shlepped on back to the hotel to unpack in our rooms and settle in for the afternoon. So much for my good ironing intentions, I ended up crashing into bed only to be awoken by the buzz of Kerry's phone. Rather good timing there too.

We then dressed, ate and made our way over to St John's Anglican Church (where the whole festival was to take place) for our first evening of entertainment: 'all is safe with a lady engaged'. It was a one-woman show surrounding Jane Austen's thought process of a proposal she received one evening while staying with friends which she at first accepted but turned down in the morning. The show was lovely and the story was very well put together, if a little long.

To this, I wore the first of my new regency gowns. This one was my pink cotton and silk. I was happy with the style though I do think it is a smidge plain on the front now that I look at the photos. However, this gown was just supposed to be an evening gown that is simple. I do like the style though and could definitely see it made up as a day gown in complete white. Either way, I was pleased to discover that it fit me pretty well and complimented my colouring (or so I have been told). I guess I should go for more pink gowns.

Donna was lovely in her white gown and open robe and Kerry in her brown cotton evening gown with the silk open robe. We all felt so pretty and feminine to be in the dresses at last. After all that waiting we were glad to finally wear them. Find below selected photos (the best ones).

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