Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shinku, Rozen Maiden - Petticoats

For those of you who have never seen Rozen Maiden, the picture to the right is Shinku (in the red dress). And this is what I will be making to wear to supernova on the Friday night this year. So far, I have the wig from my chobits costume last year, I just need to put it into the hair style. I also have the shoes, as I will just be using my black lolita shoes and adding little flowers to them.

Apart from that, I still need to make quite a bit more progress. I have the dress partially cut out, and I am just waiting to free up some pins so that I can cut out the rest. Then comes the process of making it up.

And on that note, I have just finished the petticoat. It was a bit of a challenge to work out the right style petticoat to get the right shape of for the skirts. I obviously needed something, and my Lolita petticoats are way too short as this is supposed to hit me mid calf. And I really did not want too much bulk at the waist. Therefore, I went wiht a more a-line shape. I have the base petticoat pleated onto a 15cm yoke and it has two ruffles attached to it to give more fullness at the hem. This layer is also starched to hell and back and has a pretty trim sewn on one layer. Over that, I have two layers of bridal tulle gathered mid way up the yoke and bound over with bias tape. I am pretty happy with the shape that they give and am looking forward to having it all done up.

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