Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Victorian Corset - Dore

My brand new Victorian corset. Since I have lost weight since this time last year and what weight I do have, has shifted around a bit, I decided that it was time for a new corset. Hopefully one that would actually pull in at my waist and not just flatten my tummy. And I have succeeded. This time I used the Dore corset from Laughing Moon. It is a fantastic shape and fit. The only pattern changes that I needed to make were to take out some measurements at the waist and add it to the bottom. Though this is just because I have a rather high waist.

And to make it pretty, I used some blue silk dupion that I had in a box in my sewing room. The binding is white silk that was leftover from my regency / 1830s bonnet that I made last year. One thing that did change from my last corset (Simplicity) is that I made it up as per the instructions given in the pattern. All my other Victorian corsets use binding sewn on over the seams for the binding casings. I think I prefer the older method and will use that from now on. But I am happy with how this turned out. And even better it gives me a 1 inch waist reduction without even really trying (pulling it in on my own). And as you can see in the side on photos, it still pulls in my tummy nicely. And now this means I can finally make a start on some of my new historical patterns for the year. Will keep you all updated with photos as I complete them.

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