Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday 1st

Not really much to say in the way of sewing, I have been out quite a bit this weekend so I really did not get much done. I did manage to make a start on my Mrs Lovett costume for supernova.

But I also managed to find the most perfect hat for my steampunk costume. My design was always leading towards the explorer sort of category, but now that I have my safari hat, it has really confirmed my outfit.

I really need to confirm the rest of the elements of my costume though. And sooner rather than later would be good. My vest bodice is already drawn up and I have every intention of wearing some knee breeches. A bag of some sort would be good. And I have decided with my hair I will use my super long plait pieces under my hat. I am rather excited about making it all up now. I was having some trouble getting into my costume completely, but now that I have my hat, I am all there for it. YAY!!!

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