Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Victorian Drawers

See, I have been sort of productive. I spent yesterday tracing off some of my historical patterns that I intend to use. Mainly the ones for aprons, skirt and petticoats because I really need my new corsets made before I go tracing up the rest. In the meantime, I have made up a few cross-stitch pieces and I even managed to get into my sewing room today. And I made up my new pair of historical open drawers. I know they are pink, but every time I go into spotlight and look for white cotton voile, they are out. I am rather happy with them. Last time I made them closed seam, I think more so because I was a little uncomfortable doing open, whereas now I am all used to wearing them.

The other thing that I started working on today is my new 1830s / regency corset. After the disaster that was my last attempt, I am making a new set of stays. So far they have come together nicely and the seams match up well. I will definitely make sure to post photos of these once I get them up.

I have also made a couple of fabric shopping outings. On Wednesday morning, I made a trip over to Spotlight. I was actually hoping to get some good deals, especially as the catalogue mentioned some. But alas, I was very disappointed and I all I managed to get were my cottons and knits for my Mrs Lovett costume. It really is only a small thing at this time to get, but it is better than nothing.


  1. The drawers look great! I can never find the white fabric that I want as well.....even when it isn't on sale....
    Love the vibrancy of the new fabric - love the red and brown combo - just yum!
    What pattern are you using for the 1830 corset? I did the one from Katherine's dress site - it turned out being surprisingly easy and comfortable!

  2. Next time I see white cotton voile at Spotlight I am just going to buy the whole role. And I am using the Mantua Maker Regency Corset for my 1830s. I am mostly done now, all I need to do is the binding (which I still have to buy) and add the boning.

  3. Lovley! glad to see pics ;)
    East coast fabrics is my new favourite shop, I can't believe I didn't know about it for so long!
    I really need to get started on my vicorian undies you know...
    I have had problems finding white linen (except for the stuff at lincraft and spotlight that I can't afford) and so when I find some I will buy a bolt! (NEED it for my 1480, NEED it I say!)

    I DID find a whole heap of white coton that was wider than I was tall for $2.50 at JJs though, I don't know how light weight voil is, but it was a relatily loose weave but not terribly thin fabric. So if you need cheap white cotton, JJs has some!