Friday, January 23, 2009

1870s Early Bustle Petticoat

My first bustle petticoat is now complete. I am quite pleased with it. I used the Truly Victorian petticoats pattern and was a little concerned that it would not fit correctly over my laughing moon bustle. But it does, and rather well too. Thankfully the petticoat turned out as a good length for me and does not touch the floor on Polly.

It also has some rather nice tucks sewing into the middle flounce to help hold out the petticoat. And I starched this to hell and back. Only this time, I starched everything before I attached the flounces. I learnt the hard way that it is very difficult to starch ruffles and flounces one they have been attached.

I do have every intention of making a second one just to give a bit more fullness at the hem and hold out my skirts well. The only difference is that I will not be sewing the tucks into it. They are rather time consuming and on one is enough.

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