Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday 16th

And my holidays begin. I have just over one week off and every intention of doing heaps of sewing. The corset for my 1830s gown is done (see last post) and I have taken my measurements. I have even traced off and cut out my mock up. I am hoping that it will work. On top of that, I spent last night cutting out my new Victorian corset. It will be the first thing that I focus on getting done, and I am really hoping to do that this weekend. After that, I will start on my supernova costume plans and then progress onto making a start on my historical costumes for the year. I have already started my bustle, I just need to punch some eyelets before I progress any further. As for my supernova costumes:
Friday Lunchtime - God (Dogma)
Hand sewing. All I really need to do to finish this off is finish off my hand sewing. A while back I pulled off the old binding that I had on the bodice and cut it back a bit. It was sitting a bit too high and uncomfortably under my arms. I have already sewn on the new binding and now I just need to fix it up.

Friday evening - Shinku (Rozen Maiden)
Start from scratch. I have my chemise fabric - find pattern and cut out. I have my petticoats fabric - find pattern and cut out and I now have my dress and bonnet fabric - work up pattern and cut fabric. I guess the hardest part will be doing the half bonnet, though I do have a Lolita one that I plan to study and a couple of historical bonnet patterns that will come in handy.

Saturday - Mrs Lovett (Sweeny Todd)
My beach outfit. I have had the fabric for a little while for this one, I just cannot really make a start until I have my new Victorian corset done up. I will then have to draw up my patterns and go from there. I am not anticipating that this will be too hard to do. The only real difficulty I have at this stage is that I have not been able to find black and white striped stockings to wear with it. But I will succeed.

Sunday - Packing Padme (Star Wars Episode II)
Skirt is still good from last time, as well as petticoat (my can can one gives the perfect shape). Other than that I am also waiting on my new corset to be finished (though depending on shape I might decide to wear my old one with this). My vest pieces are put together, but I need to fit it last to my corset (stretchy). And today I picked up my fabric for the blouse underneath and my beads and floss for the embroidery.


  1. Did you get your red velveteen? I ask only because I found some at Morayfield Spotlight. I would have phoned you while I was there, but I was made of awesome and didn't have my phone! It was a pretty big roll too.

  2. Hey, this is Bakames from lj. That's so cool that you're going as shinku, I went as Kirakishou last year (or the one before @.@)
    Are you getting one of the pretty shinku wigs from ebay?

  3. I didn't get velveteen. Instead I got about 8 meters of red corduroy for $4 a meter. Bargain and it is the right colour.

    And I already have my Shinku wig. I am using the same one I used for my Chobits costume last year.

  4. Also, this might be helpful to you, it's a Shinku doll like the ones I collect. I found it helpful looking at each of the dolls clothing pieces to create my costume.

    I like the corduroy idea, velvet likes to go too floppy

  5. Thanks. Very helpful. I've also got the anime and manga which I have been studying non stop. I am pretty sure that I have all the layers sorted out. Now comes the long process of actually making them all up. Thankfully I already have the bloomers (from my Alice in Wonderland costume) so that is one less thing to do.