Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday 22nd

With my car out of action for a couple of days, I dragged my mum out fabric shopping yesterday. I was trying to go over to Make It Fabrics to get some corset boning, but I get there and it is now a mattress shop. Damn. So now I am thinking that since my elliptical crinoline is made out of it completely, I will replace it with some irrigation tubing. It will be cheaper option and give me quite a bit of the plastic boning that I need for my corsets.
But I did drag her over to East Coast Fabrics after that, and I got quite a bit there. I now have fabric for the outer layer of my regency evening gown and the fabric for my regency day gown. I also picked up some blue cotton for my 1870s bustle gown and the fabric for my brand new...

1907 Day Gown.

After our guild meeting the other night, and Donna mentioned that I am the only one of us with Belle Epoch undergarments. In specific I have a s-bend corset. So I had a look through one of my pattern books and picked a simple but elegant afternoon gown to make up. As for fabric choice, I will be using a white cotton for the blouse underneath and an aqua green taffeta for the jumper dress. So this will be for the Miegunyah House book launch in April. Hmmm, best get started on tracing up that pattern.

I also need a new petticoat for underneath, but I already have the fabric for that. Another 25 metres of the $1.99 cotton. I have already used my 18 metre roll, but I do have quite a bit to get out of this one. I need a 1840s 3 flouce petticoat for my mum, my 1900s petticoat (maybe 2), a 1850s plain and full flounce petticoats and I would like another 1870s and 1880s petticoats (1 of each). I guess that I will see how much I can get out of it.

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