Thursday, April 3, 2008

Supanova 2008 Part 1

Am starting to get very excited about this weekend. I have my tickets (must remember to bring that with me tomorrow) and my costumes are all ready.

The prop plan for my arrow has fallen through. Mainly because mum said she had one at work, but when she brought it home it was wrong. And now I really do not want to have try and make one tonight. I may get inspired to do so, but I severely doubt it. My gun and dog tags for my BSG costume have not shown up yet either. I am rather pissed about this because I only got the notification last week that the tags had been sent. After 2 week of waiting already. If they had of posted them sooner I would actually stand a chance of getting them. But life goes on. I will just have to wear the costume again sometime to get photos with the other accessories.

But apart from that all that I need to do tonight is get everything ready to take to work in the morning. I have actually made a list of everything that I will need for my chobits costume. Mainly so that I don’t forget and then end up panicking later. I hung my wig up last night so that it can straighten after sitting in its packet. And I need to attach the ribbons to the ears tonight. And I will give my outfit an iron to get rid of any creases. But I think my bag will be rather full tomorrow on the way in. Not only will I have my costume but I will have shoes, wig, and accessories in tow. But I am thinking that I will change at work and leave a bag of stuff I don’t need behind. I can always take it home on Monday when I am not going out in costume.

But I am getting very excited. I hope that I actually get to sleep tonight and am not running around until the wee hours of the morning getting everything in my bag. I have decided not to do the mini supernova tomorrow. Only because I would rather not take the whole afternoon off. After being sick last week and not here for most of it, I feel a bit guilty taking too much time off. My boss doesn’t mind but we have had issues with another girl in our area being away and not calling in etc. So I will go up in my lunch time to watch the show and then meet everyone later on to go over to Supernova. But very excited. Cannot wait. This is my very first Supernova. (big grin).

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