Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flex day...

So, I had my “relaxing” flex day yesterday. Turned out that instead of staying home and getting some sewing done, I decided to do all my running around that I would not normally get done on a Weekend. I started my day off with fixing up one of my Lolita skirts. I wanted to add some ribbon above the ruffle and figured that since I was awake I would do some sewing before the shops opened. My first stop of the day was off to Spotlight. I got my fabric for 2 elliptical petticoats – one ruffled and one with pretty white trim. I got fabric for Victorian bloomers and Lolita bloomers and a some white cotton lawn to make up my S-Bend Corset. As well as the shapewell to go with it. I was after a few other pieces of fabric if I could find them, but no such luck. I was amazed that I got out of the place within 1hour 15. Probably one of my quickest fabric shopping expeditions.

I then traipsed over to my makeup supplier to get some bits and pieces for Zombie makeup. I got a bit of blood, some latex, and some flesh putty for making scars and wounds, and some blood coloured cream. They were out of a few things that I was after, like the bruise cream wheel, but I managed to find that cheaper on E-Bay last night. And the best part is that it is shipping from Brisbane so it should not take too long to arrive. I then decided to make a stop in at Chermside on my way home. Mainly because on weekends it is way to busy for my taste in shopping. Nothing really noteworthy that I got, just some new work pants and a very nice necklace for Lolita (intending to wear tomorrow). I even managed to squeeze in an afternoon nap and get some mending done for a friend at work.

On another note, I am pretty sure I have decided on my theme for the Zombie Walk. I really wanted to do a themed sort of outfit but could not decide. But I think I have narrowed it down to the 80s prom queen look. I am going to trowel through some op shops for an appropriate 80s tulled dress. Tear it up a bit, smear in a bit of blood, get the fishnet stocking happening (maybe boots to go with it), add a tiara in the zombified 80s hair and the gruesome wounds, and I will be set to go. At least it will be cooler during the day by then so I should not get to hot under all the latex and makeup. Oooh, getting excited.

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