Monday, April 7, 2008

Supernova 2008 Saturday

And Saturday. It was a long and exhausting day, but I had such a good time. I caught a few acts and saw the cosplay. There were some amazing costumes around and I tried to get a heap of photos. Cherie and I headed in at about 9 and we got there to park. Turns out it only costs $6 per day for on site parking. So really, this is fabulous. Because next year we are thinking we will drive again, and that way we can take lunch (instead of the greasy crap they sell there) and if we want to do two costumes in a day, we can.

As for my costume for the day, I was Alice (From the computer game American McGee’s Alice). I originally made this Halloween last year. And believe me when I say that I had been desperate to make it even then. Though, after wearing it once I decided that I really needed to make some adjustments to the costume. Apron, petticoat, wig to name a few. And this time, I am really happy with how it turned out. It was not nearly as recognisable as my Chi outfit on Friday night, but there were still quite a few people who went hey, it’s Alice. But it is not one of those costumes that is easily recognisable. However, I love it. The blood splatters dried nicely on the front of the apron and I had my knife too. I even managed to get my brother to take some good photos (he has a shaky hand so some were out of focus even on my camera). I was even surprised about my boots. I was worried that they would kill my feet again after last time I got blisters. So I padded up my heels with blister stop and put on my long black socks. And I was surprisingly comfortable. So yay. I did have shoes in the car if I needed to change. Thankfully I didn’t.

Afterwards, we had intended to do a huge ACG dinner out at JoJos in the City. But we were all way too exhausted to move from the hotel where everyone was staying. So instead, we did a takeaway evening. Most ordered Pizza and the rest of us made a trip to KFC and Hungry Jacks for dinner. It was actually really nice just hanging out, and I didn’t get home to almost 11.00. So I pretty much crashed when I got home. But, photos of the day...

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