Monday, April 7, 2008

Chobits - Chi

I have had a very busy weekend. And I am still rather tired today. I felt like I was constantly about to doze off at work today, and I almost did a few times. And this after 9 hours of sleep last night; but my excuse is that I was up at 5am on Sunday to take my parent to the airport, after I got to bed at around midnight. I think I will be trying to make a concerted effort to get more sleep tonight. The reason for all this exhaustion and sleep deprivation – Supernova. And now, I am separating all my pictures for each day, just because I took quite a lot.

So to start off, I went on Friday night. You can actually only go on Friday night if you have a complete weekend pass, and I really liked going on Friday. It was a lot cooler to wear one of my warmer costumes and it was kinda the lead up to the rest of the weekend. On Friday, at about 12 Cherie and I walked up from work to watch the mini supernova in the mall. We met up with some of the others from the guild who were dressed to publicise the event. I had every intention of doing this originally, but after taking sick leave and being away from work, I couldn’t get away. But we were there for moral support. We went back to work and knocked off at about 4 so that we could get ready. As I had intended, I wore my Chi outfit (from the anime Chobits).

I was so pleased with how my outfit looked, though I really do need to add another petticoat underneath to bulk it out, so as soon as my cash clears into paypal this week, I will jump onto ebay and get the other petticoat I have had my eye on. It was a huge ego boost though, wearing the outfit, I got a lot of “oh you’re so cute” comments as well as a lot of photos taken and a few hugs. And I am supremely glad that I wore this outfit on the Friday night, as I was the only Chi there, whereas Saturday saw about 6 of them and another one or two on Sunday.

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