Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well, we had our monthly guild catch up last night. It was actually supposed to be on last Tuesday night, but we were all held up with getting everything ready for supernova. But it was still nice to catch up again, but in a more relaxed atmosphere. And I must say it is really motivated me to get started on some of my projects this weekend.

For a start, I need to make some progress on my Victorian pieces. Which, lets face it is the next big event that we have coming up. The fashion show on Sunday the 18th May. My Edwardian blouse, skirt and petticoat are completed, which takes a lot of pressure off. All I need to make now to complete the ensemble is my s-bend corset. I have drawn up the first draft and it actually fits me. All I need to do is adjust it a smidge at the centre back so that it will meet. But I need to be careful that I do not add too much, otherwise I won’t get the cinching that I need. My first mock up was just made of scraps and did not involve any boning. So this time I am going to get some nice white cotton and make the whole thing completely. And then if I need to do more work to adjust it, I will be able to see where. I have my fingers crossed that it will work well.

Apart from that I need to make more progress on getting my Victorian natural form skirt, petticoat and polonaise made up. I have made the chemise for underneath. Not that big of a progress, but it is a start. I have also got the corset cut out and ready to be put together. Once that is done I will be able to take my measurements and draw up my pattern pieces. So I am hoping that I will get the corset done this weekend, so that come my holidays I will be able to just get stuck into cutting the fabric and making up the pieces. The only thing that I am a little worried about is the trims and decorations. I am having a lot of trouble getting trims in a colour that will match my skirt to trim the bodice. I really want to leave the skirt plain, as it is natural form with a train. And, as the fabric has a self-print I think it will be enough on its own. But I would really like to trim the bodice. I may just resort to getting some ribbon to pleat into place. I think that would be enough and it will still carry the colour through so that it will match. Hopefully I will have enough time and leftover fabric that I can make a matching hat of some sort. Otherwise I need to come up with some sort of way to do my short hair that will make it look period styled. At this stage, I am focusing on getting the garments made first. Accessories can wait. And I figure that if I don’t get my Victorian fully completed, it is really no big deal. The only think I am worried about otherwise is if the polonaise is actually appropriate to go with the natural form skirt. I already have the fabric for it, which there is a lot of, but I am starting to wonder if I should just make a vest or jacket sort of bodice instead. At least I will have enough fabric for it. Hmmm, I may need to gain a second opinion. As it is, I have a lot of choices for the bodice because I keep buying the Truly Victorian patterns. I really need to decide soon. I may just have to do that when I get home tonight.

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